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Rehoboth's publications include: 

Good News (Community Outreach)

Rehoboth's congregation seeks to share the love of Christ through acts of service within our community. What a wonderful privilege it is to bring you Good News resulting from our outreach.

Click the PLAY button on the video to the left to watch Good News about -------------. Then click on the underlined link to find out a few simple steps you can take to show your support!

The Truth, the Life and the Way ( Blog) 

The Truth, the Life and the Way is a blog featuring various literary works authored by Pastor Bill Gram and his daughter, Andrea. This invigorating vignette offers biblical teaching, diverse spiritual insight, and practical application via inspiring testimony and unique illustration.

Sensational Sermons (Audio)

The Golden Calf - Pastor Bill Gram
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Pastor Bill Gram has been ministering to Rehoboth's small congregation for over 30 years and has recorded thousands of sermons on CD. The new Sensational Sermons series features the best of his sermons each month.

Motion Scriptures (Video)

Our monthly publication often features a Motion Scripture, which is a short, animated movie. These artistic renderings of scripture include encouraging commentary that increases knowledge, renews the mind and refreshes the spirit. Though short and sweet, they're powerful expressions of God's love.

Passionate Podcasts (Audio)


Passionate Podcasts are lively and heart warming discussions between a father and daughter on a mission of divine discovery. Despite age and gender differences, they reach across the divide and cherish the opportunity to grow together. 

Monthly Publication

Rehoboth's monthly publication features Good News, The Truth the Life and the Way, Sensational Sermons, Passionate Podcasts, and Motion Scriptures 

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