Rehoboth's Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a wholistic, healing ministry that provides safe, healthy, and nurturing environments

for women seeking to grow healthy beliefs, boundaries and relationship skills. 

Participants are welcomed into loving home-based ministries,

provided premium healing spiritual and material food, introduced to naturally healing therapies,

encouraged to practice a craft, and shown how to develop a sustainable business and livelihood. 

The mission is to love women, facilitate their natural healing, watch them bloom,

and celebrate their radiant restoration.


In Person

114 Cherry Grove Rd

Middlebrook, VA 24459



Monthly Publication

Rehoboth's monthly publication features Good News, The Truth the Life and the Way, Sensational Sermons, Passionate Podcasts, and Motion Scriptures 

Rehoboth Church

3785 Pig Run Road

Millboro, VA 24460

Pastor's Cell: 540-679-0029

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