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of Andrea Gram's 'Stimulus Proposal' 


Staunton's 'main street' marketplace has become a ghost town. The viral panic caused by COVID-19 has put the heart and soul of our business community in serious jeopardy. The irony is that local, sustainably operated businesses are holding a winning hand right now since the virus originated in “an unclean animal and seafood market” on the other side of the world. The key to playing this winning hand is effective marketing: getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. The problem is that most 'main street' businesses don't have the money to increase their marketing efforts right now.


The solution: a unique 'Stimulus Proposal' that offers 48 'main street' businesses in downtown Staunton premium marketing services for the duration of a thirteen month branding campaign – at no cost to the business owners. Instead, these 'main street' businesses will be sponsored by “A Fellowship of Farmers”, which will be a collective of twelve local, sustainable farms that have experienced a recent spike in revenue and choose to reinvest some of their profits in a 'socially responsible' way. This collective campaign will effectively contrast clean, local farms that give back to our community against dirty, distant operations that exploit it – such as those Amazon sources from. 


The 'Stimulus Proposal' is offered by Andrea Gram – publisher of Staunton Living, owner of Sea Billow Scribes, and founder of Sanctuary. Andrea studied fine and graphic art at George Mason University and has worked for her father's small carpentry business, Polyface Farm – a clean, grass-fed meat farm, and Wegmans' sustainable seafood department – the oldest family owned grocer in the world. She has also worked to found an environmental and social justice organization and employs the innovative marketing strategy she developed in Sea Billow Scribes' marketing videos. Last, Andrea creates and maintains her family ministry's website and is currently working to launch a wholistic, healing ministry – Sanctuary.


The  'Stimulus Proposal'  offers  a unique,   collective  branding  campaign  consisting  of  three synergistic  marketing  components  to  be

1) delivered in a monthly print publication, 2) circulated online via twelve animated branding videos, and 3) celebrated in a special event, which will take place in downtown Staunton. The campaign will begin as soon as “A Fellowship of Farmers” forms and will continue for thirteen consecutive months. The campaign's collective mission is to get more of Staunton's most affluent homeowners shopping downtown, purchasing food produced by local, sustainable agriculture, and supporting important community causes, which ensures Staunton's health, wealth and vitality in the future. 


The first marketing component is Best Version Media's 'social media in print': Staunton Living is a new publication of Best Version Media (BVM), which is a brilliantly designed marketing company that grows local businesses within small communities like Staunton. BVM offers a micro-targeted branding campaign in a high-end, glossy print publication that will be delivered to 2,536 of Staunton's most affluent homeowners every month. Staunton Living will feature inspiring cover stories about people in our local community, which result in an 89.4% 'open rate', and its content will focus specifically on wholistic health, artistry, sustainability practices, wise consumption, and heartfelt philanthropy.


The second marketing component is Sea Billow Scribe's 'Cause Dedicated Marketing' approach. Sea Billow Scribes (SBS) is a social enterprise that works to grow mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses that produce inherently good products/services and nonprofits that address root causes of social ills. Once partnerships are established, SBS combines whiteboard animation technology with fine, local art and supreme story-telling skills to produce inspiring marketing videos that bring business stories of 'socially responsible investing' to life. These videos are posted online and circulated within social media venues and help conscientious consumers recognize 'corporate citizens' who give back to our local community.


The third marketing component is Rehoboth Community Church's 'heartfelt cause'. Sanctuary, is a faith-based, wholistic healing ministry that provides safe, healthy, and nurturing environments for women seeking to grow prosperous new beliefs, boundaries and relationship skills. Participants are welcomed into safe, loving homes, provided premium spiritual and material food, introduced to naturally healing therapies, encouraged to practice an art/craft, and shown how to develop a sustainable business and livelihood. Sanctuary offers participants healthy, healing food provided by local, family farms and advocates natural, wholistic and preventative healthcare. 


To summarize, the three-part, premium collective branding campaign being offered in Andrea Gram's 'Stimulus Proposal' a) encourages local, family farms to reinvest some of their recent sales profits in a “socially responsible” way, b) provides, Staunton's 'main street' marketplace a powerful growth stimulus, which not only ensures its survival, but increases its marketshare in the long term, and c) helps to found a local, faith-based, ministry that addresses root causes of spiritual and material poverty in order to effect real and lasting change.

To read the full, 12 page 'Stimulus Proposal', please contact:


Andrea Gram

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