Rehoboth's Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a wholistic, healing ministry that provides safe, healthy, and nurturing environments

for women seeking to grow healthy beliefs, boundaries and relationship skills. 

Participants are welcomed into loving home-based ministries,

provided premium healing spiritual and material food, introduced to naturally healing therapies,

encouraged to practice a craft, and shown how to develop a sustainable business and livelihood. 

The mission is to love women, facilitate their natural healing, watch them bloom,

and celebrate their radiant restoration.

Debra Mae Gram (Sparkle-Mommy)
Deliver MeSarah Brightman
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Having grown up in a very poor family, my mom was a passionate social justice advocate. The first in her family to attend college and earn a degree in English, she was well educated, articulate and interesting to talk to. She was a successful realtor and an entrepreneur with an eye for fashion design. In the last few years of her life, she worked to develop a business designing “capsule wardrobes” for middle-aged women. This process involved wrapping warm, wet clay bandages around a woman's body, allowing them to harden into a cast, and decorating the woman's real body image in loving ways. Her mission was to help women reject the unrealistic ideals imposed by society and 'love the skin they're in'. Making my body cast is one of the last things that we did together and one of my most precious memories.

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