Rehoboth's Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a wholistic, healing ministry that provides safe, healthy, and nurturing environments

for women seeking to grow healthy beliefs, boundaries and relationship skills. 

Participants are welcomed into loving home-based ministries,

provided premium healing spiritual and material food, introduced to naturally healing therapies,

encouraged to practice a craft, and shown how to develop a sustainable business and livelihood. 

The mission is to love women, facilitate their natural healing, watch them bloom,

and celebrate their radiant restoration.

WHENCarp Diem

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you. Zayda, my daughter, was sick and I was going through a lot. 

I'm sorry you've been having a rough time. How is your daughter now?

Zayda is doing better now but I never know. It's so hard. 

How old is she? What kind of sickness?

She just turned 16 – severe anorexia. We have spent the last 4 years in hospitals. She seems to be doing better. I just hope it stays.

That must be hard to go through as a mom. I'm sure she'll make it and eventually help others through the same kind of struggle. She'll find great purpose in that.

I wanted to see you but I didn't know how to explain everything that was going on. I think Zayda was actually in the hospital when you were here. I was going through so much and I couldn't grasp it myself so I didn’t expect anyone else to. (Pic of Zayda) 

Oh my. What beauty. What's she into? 

I just wish she could see that. She is not sure and I'm not sure what she is into. It has literally been the eating disorder nonstop for the past 4 years. She is just starting to get back on track and I pray it stays! I can't go through it again. 

That's a long time to battle something like that. I hope you're taking care of yourself too!

I'm just starting too. It's only been 8 months since she has finally stopped starving herself. 

No, she probably doesn't see that. I never did. I always felt hated – like I was detestable.          Zayda probably doesn't understand what she's experiencing spiritually. She'll need to              learn how to recognize and respond to spirits of envy and lust and how to build a                      protective boundary so other people's hatred doesn't affect her.

Amen! You put it so well. She is so pretty that people are jealous and mistreat her. They don't want her around. 

It's very confusing to be loved and hated for the same superficial reason. Ultimately, Zayda has to find her worth deep in her soul     – the kind that lasts. I hope she focuses on her gifts and the amazing things she can contribute to the world.

Thank you so much. It's so true about what you said. 

Does Zayda believe in God?

I think. Sometimes she loses faith and it sucks. 

I would have never made it without developing a relationship with the beloved. I hope Zayda reads God's word – the entire books      of Nehemiah and Ezra are about building that wall of protection. I'm going to pray that happens; prayer is the most powerful thing. I hope I get to meet her one day. I bet she's cool. 

Thank you so much! I wish you were here. It would be so nice to have someone I could actually talk to and not judge. People have no idea what anorexia is and can't even begin to understand. I hope she gets to meet you one day as well. 

The Plan (A Season of Growth)

MIND: Agro-Therapy (a fancy term for gardening) is all about developing a healthy relationship with the earth - our bodies. At Sanctuary, we spend time in God's word every morning in order to get the premium spiritual food we need for the day. Then we get our bodies into the sunshine, our hands in the soil (which has been proven as affective as Prozac in treating depression), and let God teach us how to cultivate our own food, herbs and art supplies.


BODY: As we learn how to cultivate a healthy garden in the eternal realm, we ask God to help us translate the lessons in order to grow a healthy internal garden. We learn to sew new healthy beliefs from God's word. At the same time, we learn how identify toxic thoughts, wait for a good rain/cry, and pull them just like weeds.


SPIRIT: Part of our curriculum includes Dr. Caroline Leaf's 21 Brain Detox Program, which is basically a Holy-Spirit led mind-gardening program. Dr. Leaf was a brain scientist for over 30 years and is now a full-time minister. Her program is incredibly effective at treating mental and physical health issues of all kinds including substance abuse and we're incredibly thankful for her life's work.

MIND: Growing Up Again, Self Esteem


BODY: Dancing, kick-boxing, kayaking, bike-riding 

Grass-fed meat, fresh, local, non-toxic fruits and vegetables that we grow or shop for at the Staunton Farmer's Market, 


SPIRIT: Art Therapy, harvest and make our own dyes out of things like walnuts, plant cellulose, and spinach berries, body casts, 

Monthly Publication

Rehoboth's monthly publication features Good News, The Truth the Life and the Way, Sensational Sermons, Passionate Podcasts, and Motion Scriptures 

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