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May 2017 Issue

Story's Characters:

First Step 

   Candy Phillips


Pastor Bill Gram


   Mike Comfort

Relief at Work

   Robin McLawhorn

Laura's Boutique
   Laura Shaver

Kathleen Essex 


Morgan Dean

The Grand Ball (a true story)

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Attributed Works:

Cristofori's Dream

David Lanz

The Seed

Pawel Jonca


Dear People of the Valley,


A woman is more likely to be killed by an abusive mate than any other person.

75% of those women murdered are killed after they leave the relationship.


It takes real courage to step out into the wilderness of change. The caring townspeople in this story heard God calling, pounded the shepherd's staff, and shook "manna" right out of the heavens for those attending The Grand Ball. What's more is that they considered it their privilege to do so. Now those are what I call Christian values!! 


I propose we show the world how we feel about Prince Charming -- that is the corporate citizens in our community who took the financial hit to help awaken Sleeping Beauty to her worth. Because they didn't just take the hit for those battered souls at First Step, they took it for you and me, and for anyone else who calls this Valley their home.


In doing so, they may have spared one of our children from being mowed down on the playground. They may have prevented one of our businesses from being robbed at gunpoint to satisfy a ravenous addiction that grew in the absence of love. Perhaps they even lowered the taxes we'll pay to feed the growing number of children living in poverty.


And they accomplished all of that simply by applying the only real healing salve there is: loving-kindness. Let's follow their lead and give it freely, in advance -- just as Christ gave to us. Let's make the financial investments that matter most and 'be the change we wish to see'.

Make a donation to First Step. If you don't have money, donate your time and creative talents. If you're a wellness business in the Valley, donate your product or service.

Make a donation to Rehoboth Community Church. We're small in number but big in spirit. We'll cherish the opportunity to organize more events like The Grand Ball. 


Treat your loved ones to a meal at Clementine. Be sure to personally thank Mike Comfort and his gracious staff for their hospitality. When friends and relatives come to town looking for the best place to eat, point them in the right direction!

If you're a business owner, call Relief at Work to schedule an appointment. Let your employees know how thankful you are for their hard work with an invigorating massage right there at the office!


Rent a cabin in Hidden Valley for the weekend and do a little shopping at Laura's Boutique. Your consumer activism will help ensure fine attire for the ladies attending the next Grand Ball. 


Order some hand-crafted party-favors from Kathleen Essex for your next big event. She makes the most beautiful appliqué quilts complete w/little love notes stitched inside. Commission her to sew something extraordinary for residents at First Step!

Check Morgan Dean's music out on Facebook and stoke the fanfare!

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Don't just shout, R-O-A-R thanksgiving to ensure these socially responsible businesses continue to prosper within our community. Here are some simple steps you can take to show your support:

Please note that some of the individuals who made charitable contributions to 

the Grand Ball did not share their religious views or proclaim to be followers of Christ. 

"You will know them by their fruits." [Matthew 7:16]

None asked to be publicly acknowledged for their good deed and a few even eschewed it.  

We've had to insist on the grounds that our community needs good role modeling... God bless'em! :)

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Whichever side of the divide you fall on, we encourage you to listen and let the light penetrate your heart, for this biblical story reveals "the truth, the life" and therefore "the way" to grow both spiritually and materially. It beckons of "the promised land", which only materializes when we find the courage and faith to say, "It's me, it's me, it's me -- oh Lord -- standing in the need of prayer."

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